meNativeHouse Photography evolved out of creator Amy Lamb’s search for community through a camera lens. A USF business graduate and Florida native, Amy’s professional career began in the tech industry as a project manager and then business development representative for a successful Tampa Bay based marketing and communications agency. She spent her twenties in constant motion, traveling the world in project collaboration with some of Fortune 500’s most notable executives. It was exciting, fast-paced and afforded her the opportunity to appreciate the visual beauty awaiting all those who wander through the changing city and natural landscapes of our planet. A creative at heart with a deep sense of humanity, Amy eventually began laying roots locally by investing in her love and talent for photography. NativeHouse Photography aims to capture the energizing sense of community that exists in the places people spend their time most; their homes and businesses. Working with her valued clients, Amy is able to create a still vision of the activity that defines who they are, whether it be in the careful interior design of an elegant estate or in the warm grooves of a handmade piece of furniture. NativeHouse Photography is about capturing the relationships we create with each other through the spaces we inhibit and love.

When she’s not with a camera in hand, Amy enjoys exploring the outdoors, experimenting with the latest tech gadgets and filling her need for learning and discovery with all her community has to offer.

Welcome to Native House Photography.